Foundation and Development

Last update March 29, 2016

Directa is a SIM (financial brokerage company) established in 1995.
Directa allows private investors to buy and sell financial instruments electronically, directly from their computers, with immediately executed orders and lower costs.

Directa began to operate in March 1996 using a non-Internet modem based proprietary system.
It has been the pioneer of online trading in Italy and one of the first online brokers in the world. It has since become specialized to suit the needs of very active investors, including day and heavy traders.

Directa trading platforms are entirely proprietary, and they are enriched and constantly improved.

Furthermore, Directa answers to the requests of clients in specialized forums and newsgroups, directly dedicating attention to customers feedback.

Directa provides also a dedicated help-desk to German, French, English and Czech customers.

Company Profile