Carry out your online trading operations on a browser based HTML5 web trading platform. Directa's dLite is packed with trading features, available on Windows PCs, OSX, tablets, and the latest smartphones. Supported on all the modern major operating systems. The application is a powerful trading station, yet simple and intuitive to use. In addition, with dLite there is no need to install any kind of software on the user machine.

The advanced professional online stock trading platform is complete with every feature a trader may ever need. Darwin2 represents a major milestone in the evolution of Directa's online trading platforms. With Darwin2 the investor has in a single trading environment many operational trading modules as well as data visualization tools.

The exclusive online mobile trading app downloadable from the App Store, touchTrader is built to turn your handheld device, whether it's iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone into a fully capable online trading platform. Complete with Charts, trading matrix, real-time market book quotes, a vertical book, notifications and alerts, and much more

The technical analysis software, in its basic version, free for Directa's customers, with order placing trading capabilities included. It allows you to use TraderLink's real-time interactive charts, alerts, trading systems, the DDEs to Excell, etc. For one month Directa's customers can try for free the PRO version of Traderlink's Visual Trader to be able to fully appreciate all the features the software has to offer.


Directa's Application Programming Interface allows third party software developers to tap into its trading tools and platforms, enabling them to either consume data within their applications or route trading orders through Directa's API, all according to their trading account terms with Directa Sim. The ability to connect a few popular software applications to extend Directa's trading platforms is already built-in:


You are also free to code and build your trading algorithms with EXCEL and MATLAB(1)

(1) beta version


MetaTrader4 is one of the most popular online trading platform to trade on the Forex market. Advanced technical analysis, algorithmic trading and much more are available also for Android and Apple devices

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