Account Conditions


ZERO account opening or closing costs, ZERO monthly or annual management fees, ZERO securities custody and administration costs and ZERO liquidity transfer costs charged to the Customer. ZERO fee for the use of proprietary platforms and ZERO fee for access to markets.

ZERO stamp duty on liquidity also for amounts exceeding € 5,000 average per year.

Account Keeping Fees
€ 0
Account Closing Fees
€ 0
€ 0
Securities transfer (outgoing)
€ 0
Stamp duty on liquidity
€ 0
Stamp duty on Securities
as set forth by the current legislation
Transactions Taxes (e.g. Tobin Tax)
as set forth by the current legislation
Interest on liquid assets
€ 0

Other Expenses
Certificate of membership in the Sistema Monte Titoli, upon request
€ € 5 each + € € 10 Delivery Charges
Certificate of dividends payment, upon request
€ € 5 each one
Covering margined positions by Directa
€ € 10 each affected security
Management fees for Fatca regulatory requirements (applicable only to "US person")
monthly fee € 20
Management fees for regulatory compliance D.lgs 231/2007 modified in 90/2017 (applicable only to existing customers with account suspended for lack of adequate verification)
monthly fee € 10
Contract documentation request and specific reporting
€ 25
Special back office operations on demand
€ 25
Transfer of shareholding for physical shares
€ 80

Advanced Tools for your Trading experience

Dynamic Margin:
Possibility of buying and selling securities by utilizing the financial leverage.

Security lending for short overnight:
interest rates as defined in the table Marginable Securities and Interest Rates
(available on the trading platforms)
interest rates as defined in the table Marginable Securities and Interest Rates
(available on the trading platforms) + 0.01% of the trade value at the opening of the loan.

Long overnight funding : Marginal Lending Facility Rate + 5%

Administrative Services for US Class Actions

Proposed unilateral amendment of the Agreement

By way of covering the costs of the administrative activity to be carried out in relation to the respective competent American authorities, Directa will retain the 20% of the net amount eventually collected in the event that the practice is successful. In the event that the practice does not produce any income, there will be no cost to the Customer.

Alert via sms, Telegram sms and e-mail

With the services SMS on trade execution, SMS on login , SMS Alert and email Alert keep your account under control. You can receive notifications for each trade execution, for access to the account and, through the Alerts, on price thresholds you set on securities you're interested in.

SMS on trade execution
€ 0.10 each, charged at the end of the month
SMS on login
€ 0.10 each, charged at the end of the month
OTP SMS* - Sending of temporary code for double authentication
€ 0.10 each, charged at the end of the month
SMS Alert
€ 10 for 100 credits

If you activate the service thru Telegram, the cost of the notifications on login and on trade execution are free of charge. The SMS Alerts on price thresholds include sending an informative email.

* OTP SMS free until June, 30th 2022

Realtime Market Data Monthly Fees

Individual Customer
Companies and Financial Operators
(all segments)
€ 0
- bid/ask only € 20
- book € 65
€ 0
€ 15
€ 0
$ 10
€ 0
$ 20
€ 0
$ 10
Cboe European Stocks (ex BATS)
€ 0
€ 40
€ 0
€ 0
CME Forex futures
€ 0
not available
CME non-Forex futures
- bid/ask only $ 3
- book $ 15
not available
- bid/ask only € 6
- book (futures only) € 13.50
€ 70
- index only € 1
- book + index € 25.50
- bid/ask + index € 7.20
- index only € 15
- book + index € 100
- bid/ask + index € 120
not available
not available
SIX Swiss Exchange
not available
not available
* Free delayed Borsa Italiana, XETRA, NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX quotes
available for Companies and Financial Operators