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KraneShares delivers ETFs focused on China, climate, and uncorrelated assets to global investors.
Founded in 2013, KraneShares has become a leading global ETF provider.
KraneShares' mission is to identify and develop ground-breaking international capital market opportunities for investors.

In 2017, KraneShares formed a strategic partnership with China International Capital Corporation (CICC) when they acquired a majority ownership stake. In 2018, KraneShares established its international headquarters in London to better deliver its renowned China-focused solutions to EMEA investors. In addition to launching Europe-specific versions of its most popular US-listed funds, KraneShares also develops strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of its European clients.

KraneShares has identified Italy as a key strategic growth market for the firm. KraneShares offers 6 UCITS ETFs for Italian investors that span themes such as China internet, electric vehicles, clean technology, mainland Chinese A-Shares and more.

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Promotion for Directa Customers

From October, 16th 2023, ZERO fees trading on a pool of KraneShares products:

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KraneShares ETFs

KraneShares UCITS ETFs Deliver the following core attributes:

  • Access to the second-largest economy in the world
  • Meaningful source of global diversification to enhance portfolio construction
  • China's thematic investment opportunities for growth
  • Opportunities from China's Internet and E-Commercesector – the most prominent Internet and consumer population globally
  • Clean technology opportunities, including electric vehicles, battery manufacturing, solar, and wind
  • Investment opportunities from the global clean energy transition

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China Last Night powered by KraneShares is a daily note produced by KraneShares research team. The note covers top news and events that moved China’s capital markets last night while you were probably sleeping.

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