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Founded in 1975, Vanguard fondata nel 1975, is one of the world's largest investment companies with more than trillion in assets under management (as of the end of Decembre 2023) on behalf of over 30 million investors in its range of ETFs, index products and actively managed funds globally.

Vanguard made its debut on Italy’s Milan-based stock exchange in January 2019 when it first listed its equity and fixed income ETFs on Borsa Italiana. Then, in March 2021, Vanguard set up its Italian branch in Milan. Straightforwardness, transparency, long-term perspective and low cost are the principles that have always underpinned Vanguard offering to create enduring value for investors across all stages of their lives.

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Why Vanguard?

Vanguard is different from other investment companies. It was founded in the United States in 1975 on a simple but revolutionary idea, i.e. that an investment company should manage its funds solely in the interests of its clients. This approach has helped and still helps millions of investors around the world to achieve their goals with low-cost, uncomplicated investments.

In 1976 Vanguard introduced the first index fund for individual investors on the US market. In few decades Vanguard has grown to become one of the world's leading investment management companies with offices in Europe, Australia and Asia. Vanguard helps millions of investors around the globe to attain their goals with our uncomplicated, low-cost range of funds and ETFs.

This is what Vanguard stands for: value for investors.

What sets Vanguard apart and makes it unique in the asset management landscape is its exclusive mutual ownership structure, an investor-owned structure, which means they are owned by their clients and they always put the interests of investors first.
Their structure underpins their core purpose, which is to take a stand for all investors, treat them fairly and give them the best chance for investment success. Vanguard Europe leverages the scale, experience and resources of its well-established global business. Vanguard ownership structure protects clients from any potential acquisition by third parties.
The company in which they invest today will continue to serve their interest also in the future.

How Vanguard ownership structure generates benefits for clients.

Vanguard provides investors with a range of diversified, uncomplicated, low-cost solutions. Vanguard offers them only those products that meet their long-term goals. It is a philosophy that has helped millions of people around the world to achieve their investment objectives.
In Europe, Vanguard has over 900 employees, and offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Zurich and Milan.
They leverage the scale, experience and resources of their well-established global business, offering investors a wide range of equity and bond funds, both passive and active strategies. Vanguard takes pride in having created the Vanguard effect, i.e. the observation that when Vanguard enters a market with lower-than-average fees for its products, competitors follow suit lowering their costs too.

What does it mean to invest in Vanguard ETFs?

It means you can rely on a comprehensive range of high-quality,low-cost index products designed as the building blocks of a well-diversified portfolio. All Vanguard funds reflect the same principles that have been part of the company’s DNA since its inception and are embedded in Vanguard culture. The less you pay in investment fees, the more returns you get to keep. Every extra euro you pay in costs is a euro out of your potential investment return. Combined with Vanguard world-class investment infrastructure, strong leadership and highest-standard client service, their investment philosophy stands for high-quality funds.
Today, ETF features are widely recognized. They combine the diversification embedded in professionally managed mutual funds with real-time pricing and liquidity of individual shares. As such, ETFs stand to deliver value to investors for many years to come.

Vanguard philosophy is underpinned by our desire to create value for investors and support them in any way they can, from the way we invest to the principles we have always adhered to. More than 50 million investors worldwide trust Vanguard with their money. Their scale and exclusive ownership structure allow them to keep costs low and through their wise ETF design, too, to have high liquidity.
Vanguard pioneered index investing by launching the first index fund for retail investors on the US market in 1976.They have over 45 years of index experience and their integrated trading and portfolio management teams are continuously fine-tuning their approach.
Vanguard scale allows them to offer their strategies without charging additional fees. The only costs are those on the underlying investments, with ongoing charges and fees (OCF/TER) ranging from 0.07% to 0.15% depending on the model. They use technology to improve trading efficiency, minimize costs and deliver greater value. . Rather than simply following algorithms, they set up a global quantitative analytics team that uses sophisticated algorithmic wheels to analyze and adjust their approach based on market conditions.

Their expert team supports ETF liquidity and trading throughout the trading day. This makes a real difference, especially for larger or more complex trades where they can do more and better than individual investors.
Like all Vanguard investment products and services their ETFs follow four key principles: clear investment goals; diversified exposures; long-term discipline; and minimized costs for investors to keep more of their returns.
Vanguard ETFs distinguish themselves as low-cost, uncomplicated and broadly diversified investment solutions. They provide exposure to enduring investment strategies built for the long term, through portfolio holdings tracking industry leading indices, not niche themes. All Vanguard ETFs offer diversified, liquid and transparent exposure to robust underlying indices from trusted, globally recognized providers and deliver quality and stable long-term value to investors.

Vanguard LifeStrategy UCITS ETFs
the multi-asset solution for your investment portfolio

As a global player and leader in index fund management, Vanguard has a privileged vantage point on markets. With over €1 trillion assets under management in their multi-asset strategies, they have a proven track record in portfolio construction. Available in four different profiles, Vanguard LifeStrategy funds are ETFs of ETFs listed on Borsa Italiana that Vanguard automatically and efficiently rebalances. Four multi-asset portfolios with different equity-to-bond ratios aligned with investors’ risk/return goals. From the most conservative represented by Vanguard LifeStrategy 20% Equity fund to the highest equity exposure of Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity fund, and with two midrange solutions, LifeStrategy 40% fund and LifeStrategy 60% Equity fund.
All four solutions have a low total expense ratio (TER) of 0.25% p.a. so investors can keep more of potential returns. LifeStrategy portfolios offer exposure to more than 20,000 securities ensuring a broadly diversified, market cap-weighted exposure to global markets. Vanguard’s use of only physical replication for its ETFs provides a further level of transparency with no double fees. Both income and accumulation share classes are available according to investor preferences and goals. All four strategies are regularly rebalanced based on the portfolio asset allocation, always keeping it aligned with the investor’s long-term risk tolerance. Currency hedging is used for the underlying bond ETFs to mitigate the risks associated with changes in exchange rates and volatility.

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