API: Software Components can interact with Darwin

Last Update October 07, 2014

Darwin Trading Platform is an open system, as you can incorporate new functions in the trading platform, developed not only by the Directa, but also by independent programmers. All the APIs (Application Programming Interface) are free of charge.
Three different possible intercations with external software are currently being developed:.

1) Price data feed

Service currently available

An external software can connect to a specific local IP Darwin port.
This way you can get the desired Security quotes directly from the Darwin data feed.

2) Order Entry

Service currently available

Darwin allows an external software to access a second local IP port, separate from the one used to receive the price feed, through which the externeal software can instruct the Directa servers (orders, modify orders, cancel orders, etc.) and receive related information (availability, portfolio, etc.).

3) Creation of a Darwin window

Service currently in Beta

The programmer can use the documentation of the Darwin API and the development kit supplied by Directa, to create his own Darwin extension (plug-in), which will be visible as a Tile in Darwin and incorporated into the workspace and the other native Tiles.

Preliminary Notes

Accept of the Darwin API service standards

As usual, Directa asks anyone interested in developing external programs to follow certain standards and to read and accept an agreement in order to use the APIs and the related tools.

Trading Test Account

Current standards do not under any circumstances allow access to the services supplied by the Stock Exchange without suitable credentials and without respecting a number of very precise behavioural standards.For this reason Directa does not provide any test account to develop external applications: first of all, the interested programmer who wishes to use the Darwin interfaces and API must have a normal account number with Directa.

How to access the Darwin API service

The service is completely free of charge, but monitored by Directa. You can enable your account throgh Main Board > Info > 5a > 3h

Available Services

  • Documentation -- The programmer will receive an access to a Wiki website with all the technical documentation of the APIs. The programmer cannot currently interface with the content of the documentation, a possibility that will only be taken into consideration in future updates to the site and for specific needs.
  • Multicharts plugin and documentation.

Distribution of the developed software

As indicated above, the redistribution of the software developed via the APIs must be explicitly approved by Directa.Directa does not intend to exploit any economic advantage in the distribution of programs and plug-ins developed by third parties, but of course it cannot allow third party software to render the Darwin platform or the services of the Directa servers inefficient or unsafe, for users of the plug-ins in question, or indirectly for other users. Opportunities for technical or commercial collaboration might also emerge from the agreement between Directa and the developer, which must be assessed on their own merits.