Drawers and Background

Last Update June 20, 2013

On the left end side of Darwin you can find three drawers named: Workspaces, Tiles and Watchlists which can be opened and closed with a click.


The Workspaces drawer makes it possible to manage and choose between different workspaces: here you will find the defult workspaces and your customized ones.

The Tiles drawer contains all Darwin components, named Tile, that can be opened by dragging the corresponding icon from the drawer and release it upon the chosen area of your workspace.

The Watchlists drawer gives you access to the lists of financial instruments corresponding to the user defined and default tables. The lists include the ticker codes of the securities, which can be dragged onto the workspace in order to open a new Tile (drag&drop).
Securities are deleted from a list by clicking on the ticker code, and by confirming on the pop up window.


You can disable the drawers in the Main Menu, through a specific option found under Preferences -> General.


You can turn on and off the Background through the appropriate option on the Main Menu.

We remind you that it is always possible to open the Main Menu also from the Background, by right clicking on it.