Order Placing Chart

Updated June 25, 2014

Inside Directa's Darwin Trading platform Java JVT stock charts with trading capability are available in small and extended formats , (powered by Traderlink).

As the reduced chart is solely intended for charting purposes. Darwin's java chart was amended to allow order placing as well, through the simple steps below.

1) A double click on any free space inside the chart will turn on chart's dispositive mode, marked by the transformation of the upper strip into a yellow band bearing the center the words "place order".


2) Type or change the amount to be negotiated in the proper box inside the bottom strip (if not already present, it will open a window with a request for it.)

3) As one can see in the picture above, underneath the cursor a horizontal line will appear divided into three segments of different colors matching three virtual columns of the tile with different functions:
- Green on the left for purchases
- Red on the center for sales
- Blue on the right for placing conditional orders.

The horizontal line can be moved across different price levels with the simple movement of the mouse and only the the column on which the cursor is hovered over will appear with more vivid color indicating that it's immediatly possible to be used (in the picture above it's the green one that is active, while the other two are faded).

The first two segments will show the price and the order quantity, on the third the word "STOP", followed by the trigger price.

To enter the order just click on the green segment for purchases, on the red one for sales, and on the blue one for conditional orders, after moving the line to the chosen price level.
If you want to specify a limit price different from the trigger price for the stop order, just click a second time after moving the line down or up, as in Flashbook.


At this point you will see a new purple horizontal line: the continuous one for normal orders, the dashed one for conditional ones, having on the left the order informatin and in the middle the words "Cancel or Edit":

- To cancel the order simply double-click on any point on the line

- To change the order you have to drag the line with the mouse while holding down the left button and drop it onto the new price level you want (drag & drop).

Bear in mind the order placing horizontal lines may hide or show the form "Plot orders" box on the bottom strip of the tile.

You can come back at any time to the reference-only mode simply by pressing the esc key from your keyboard.