flashBook is Directa's vertical order book and it is available as a single module tile or as a multiple 4-book module.
Please note: you can open the 4-book module flashBook only by using drag&drop functionality from Darwin's Tiles drawer on the left side of the workspace.
Once opened the 4 modules will be grouped into a single Tile, but you can close or move every single flashBook module individually, as you can do with every "grouped" Tiles.
The Flashbook inside Darwin works like the traditional one, with some small differences.

Please note that in flashBook:

- the number of levels displayed can be modified through the Tile Menu

- when stop order is placed the usual moving icon will not appear but instead the lines that match the chosen price level will be hightlighted with different color, spaning from the trigger price upto the limit price

- Time and Sales can be displayed, not only by opening the appropriate column on the right (choosing ticker on), but also by opening the dedicated Time&Sales Tile.

- in the auction phase, instead of the time, you see a number that indicates how many shares would remain in purchase or sale (+ / -) if the auction were closing at that time (imbalance)

From the special Tile menu accessible throughout flashBook modules just by right-clicking on flashbook itself, you can choose from the listed entries for the purpose briefly illustrated here below:


- Depth, to modify the number of price levels displayed.
- Center book HERE, to select the level on which to centre the Bid Ask price.
- Stop order, Stop All, to enter Stop orders
- Remember the price..., to mark a price level with an indicator.
- Stream, a compact view that displays only the price for each level, without the number of orders and proposals.
- Blocked, to disable the order entry function (useful when you wish to follow the markets price feed, with no risk of accidentally send an order).
- SMS Alert..., to set an SMS alert, in order to receive an SMS if the price rises or decreases in relation to the level where you selected the option, you can also set a Trailing SMS Alert and modify previous settings.
- flashBook preferences and time and sales pref., to set the general preferences (also found under Main menu>Utilities>Preferences).
Among these, it is possible to change orders already entered moving them to another price level with a single click: when this option is active, you can modify orders simply by clicking on an empty cell in the third flashBook column. If buy and sell orders are present, the click will change the order related to the price level selected: a sell order for the ASK area and a buy order for the BID area; if there is more than one order in the same area, the click always changes the order nearest to the current market price.
Please note, it is also possible to modify orders by dragging the desired quantity along the flashBook and dropping it on the new price level desired.
- Order with options (N.B. for now in beta experimental stage), to choose all available order options: market session intra/multiday, all kinds of conditional orders (beyond the usual stop loss, stop all, trailing stop, invisible order and oco order).
- Multiday Order is for placing an order with the longest validity period allowed by Directa to the exchange market (usually 30 days), when this mode is active the lower part of the book will appear coloured in black.

Compact or Compact All' to either optimize the width of a single book or of all the open books, even if not grouped
1) you can modify the font used;
2) the static or dynamic trading halt threshold *, set by the Exchanges in case of an excessive volatility, (s and d, uppercase for ask and lowercase for bid) and the minimum and the maximum price levels beyond which the order will not be accepted by the Exchange (i uppercase and lowercase respectively) are indicated.
Please note: all the thresholds are set by the Exchange.
- Security Settings... to customize the view of a single security.
- Compact View/Compact All flashBoook, to optimize the width of a single book or of all the open book, even if they are not grouped.
- Time and Sales on/off, to view or hide Time and Sales.

The last options are the common ones that allows to open a new tile, to access the Main Menu, to maximise the Tile height, to close the Tile and to leave the context menu.

Context Menu items will be greyed out when not enabled, e.g. Stop order and Stop ALL picture.

* These are nominal values, computed on a percentage deviation from the security market price (the Static and the Dynamic prices), are determined by the Exchanges at their discretion where the trading halt would be needed. A trading resumption process will follow, with different rules depending on the Exchange.

The Static Price at the beginning of the trading day is the previous day's Reference Price, updated to the very first price of the first trade of the continuous trading session or to the auction price that will be determined at the end of every auction, that possibly occurred during the trading day.

The Dynamic Price is the price of very last trade determined during the current trading day or, in absence of any transaction, the previous day's Reference Price.

The dynamic price limits (DPL, specified as D and d) are active just during the continuous trading session. The static price limits (SPL, specified as S and s) are active even during auction session.