Moving a Security from Tile to Tile

Last Update 26 June, 2013

In Darwin it is possible to move around your workspace also individual Securities, as you can do with Tile. You can literally grab the ticker code and just drag and drop it wherever you need.
The mouse appearance as it hover on the Ticker Code mouse allows an easy identifycation of the item that can be dragged.

1) If the Ticker code is released in an empty space on the desktop, a contest menu will appear, making it possible to open a new Tile that will dislpay the "dragged" Security data.

2) If the Ticker code is dragged over an already open Tile, it will flash to indicate the selection and it will be possible to release it there. When done, the Tile data will change to display the new Security.

3) Finally, if the Ticker code is released on grouped tiles, "they will display the new Security data. This is highlighted by the flashing of all the grouped tiles selected right after the Tickr code is dragged on one of the grouped tiles.' If you enter a ticker code manually the same grouped mechanism will not apply.

In the event of a change of mind during any
drag&drop, just reposition the mouse over the initial tile, or in an empty space on the desktop, then just exit the option menu that will appear (choosing Cancel or click outside the menu, or press the ESC key'').